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Bible Display API

(Under Construction for all major languages)

The "Bible Display API" are the instructions to request to display specific bible verses on pop-up windows or embedded in your own webpage. It is available to all internet users, email and blog writers, as well as the website administrators everywhere, and will be for all major languages and bible versions.

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The basic syntax is as follows:


1) xxx = Bible version as one below. It may be in lower case or upper case or mixed.

2) yyy = Bible book as one below. It may be in lower case or upper case or mixed. To make it user friendly, the system accepts any single word (possibly with a leading number) that the first 3 characters are correctly spelt to match the English book name of the bible. The only exception is "Philemon" which needs at least 5 characters, otherwise it will be confused with "Philippians".

For example: For the book "2 Corinthians", the system accepts "2co", "2cor" and "2 Corin".

3) aa = starting chapter

4) bb = starting verse

5) cc = ending chapter (May be omitted if it is the same as the starting chapter. The fomat will be "aa:bb-dd")

6) dd = ending verse (May be omitted if there is only one verse. The fomat will be "aa:bb")

Method and Example 1 - Internet Browser

To display "Matthew 5:3-12" type the line below to the browser:


Method and Example 2 - Email and Blog

For the line below in the email or blog set the hyperlink: "http://ibibles.net/quote.php?niv-mat/5:3-12"

Matthew 5:3-12

For the webpage to display in a new window, it is necessary to add the target parameter:
<a href="http://ibibles.net/quote.php?niv-mat/5:3-12" target=_blank>Matthew 5:3-12</a>

Method and Example 3 - Variable Size Windows

Website administrators can specify the windows size as follows:

In the <head> section add the following lines. Adjust the values of width and height.
<script type="text/JavaScript"> function go(x) { address = "http://ibibles.net/quote.php?" + x; window.open(address,"noname","width=800,height=160,scrollbars=yes",false) } </script>
In the <body> section use the hyperlink below:
<a href="javascript:go('niv-mat/5:3-12')">Matthew 5:3-12</a>
Click below to see:

Matthew 5:3-12

Method and Example 4 - Embedded in Webpage

The message can be embedded in the webpage by creating an object for it.
Insert the following codes in the webpage:
Matthew 5:3-12 <center><object type="text/html" data= "http://ibibles.net/quote.php?niv-mat/5:3-12" width="800" height="160"></object></center>
The result is as below:

Matthew 5:3-12

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